Appraisals for Insurance

Each insurance company has different requirements for insuring your personal property. Some companies require an appraisal for special categories such as antiques, collectibles, or vintage clothing.

Home owner’s insurance plans differ from renters insurance. Ask your insurance agent specific questions about what is covered and what is not. Thinking a “blanket” coverage of several hundred thousand dollars will cover all your possessions just might exclude your most prized possessions or family heirlooms. If you are in need of an appraisal in this area, we can help. Our services provide an easy onsite inspection at your leisure.

If by chance you have already had a disaster, and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay you what the item is worth, we can also provide you with a “counter appraisal” alternative which can be submitted to the insurance company, they then have to provide another independent appraiser to “judge” the two appraisals and determine the outcome.

Our Insurance Appraisals Process

We never charge by the hour, but by the amount of work required to do the job. An estimated quote can be given over the phone to provide you with a clear understanding of the charges before hand. Colored digital pictures, accurate descriptions, and price comparisons are listed in every written report, required by the insurance company of your choice.

Resale Appraisals

We provide an onsite verbal appraisal for this type of service. A flat fee of $150 will entitle you to our time for all the items you are in question about. The amount of items or the length of time it takes us is not a consideration with this type of appraising. We do not take photographs or take notes with verbal appraisals, that is up to you.

Vehicle Appraisals

We provide professional appraisals for custom motorcycles and classic cars. Our staff will visit your location and perform an on site inspection, as well as a written appraisal with digital photos. Click here to learn about our vehicle appraisal service..

Donation Appraisals

Donations of over $2000 require a written appraisal for tax deductions. Allow us to help you give back with our appraisal for donations service. Click here to learn more.

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Need an appraisal? We’d be more than happy to be of service. Whether it’s for insurance purposes, donations, resale or even legal reasons, count on us to provide you with the right information to determine your valuable’s worth. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.
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