Donation Appraisals

Why do you need donation appraisals? Donations of over $2000 requires a professional written appraisal for an IRS tax deduction (this figure can change with new tax laws). Your donation can be for one item or a collective charitable donation of several items. The organization you donate to must be non profit. Some are not. If the charity sells items in a retail store and they are charging customers sales tax, they are NOT non-profit.

Beware, the law states that businesses may use a charity’s name if they donate as little as 5% of their net sales. This does not qualify them as a non-profit organization even though they are operating under a well-known charity name.

Each donation must be itemized, inspected, and photographed by a professional appraiser and the report is then given to your accountant, not the IRS.

Allow us to help you give back with our donation appraisals service.

NOTE: A charitable contribution will most likely only be a deduction if you are receiving a salary. If you are retired, check with your accountant to see if a sizable charitable donation entitles you to a deduction depending on your financial circumstances.

Insurance Appraisals

Understanding your property’s replacement value is a big part of what we do. Whether you need an appraisal for a insurance claim or even a counter appraisal, our experienced staff will happily assist you.

Resale Appraisals

We provide an onsite verbal appraisal for this type of service. A flat fee of $150 will entitle you to our time for all the items you are in question about. The amount of items or the length of time it takes us is not a consideration with this type of appraising. We do not take photographs or take notes with verbal appraisals, that is up to you.

Vehicle Appraisals

We provide professional appraisals for custom motorcycles and classic cars. Our staff will visit your location and perform an on site inspection, as well as a written appraisal with digital photos. Click here to learn about our vehicle appraisal service..

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Need an appraisal? We’d be more than happy to be of service. Whether it’s for insurance purposes, donations, resale or even legal reasons, count on us to provide you with the right information to determine your valuable’s worth. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.
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